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Speech Recognition

Not long ago, machines and devices which would comprehend human voice and interact with the verbal world were only in the realms of fantasy. Speech recognition technology based on deep learning has paved the way to reach this dream. The state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) technolo...

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Nudity Recognition

We are constantly bombarded by unwanted and undesirable images and scenes via digital media. Lack of control over the internet content has lead to a demand for a strong monitoring system that limits pornography and abusive content. Sensifai classifies and removes content with gore, substance abuse...

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NSFW Recognition and Content Compliance

Sensifai monitors all user-generated images/videos on your website in realtime and removes content with nudity, gore, substance abuse and swear words by its not-safe-for-work (NSFW) image recognition, video AI, and speech recognition system. Sensifai offers the world’s most accurate video recogn...

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Landmark Recognition By Sensifai Video AI

What is the name of this church? Who created this tower? What is the history behind this monument? Sensifai video AI and it's Landmark Recognition system can help! This technology can predict the landmark name for any gives images. Automatic Landmark Recognition in videos and image...

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Logo Recognition By Sensifai Video AI

Brand logos are very important in modern marketing and advertisement era. Marketing and Ad Tech companies place brand advertisement everywhere from the billboards in the corners of the streets and sports stadiums to social media and TV channels. Automatic Logo recognition in images and videos is h...

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Street Fighting Recognition

Street fighting can cause severe consequences and any surveillance cameras are applied to detect fighting scenes. However, for the operator of a surveillance camera, this job is boring, difficult, and what is more, a scene could be missed when distributed cameras are involved in real time. Sensifai сап develops an intelligent system for detecting the action of fighting using deep-learning to recognize suspicious fighting actions from surveillance cameras.

Smart Urban Surveillance

These days surveillance cameras are ubiquitous in most of the streets of big cities. If a machine handles the monitoring of suspicion events, it has a deep influence on the surveillance systems. For example, when somebody damages and vandalizes the public property, the machine is able to detect the vandalizing action accurately and notify the operator for attention and approval. Sensifai delivers such a system based on advanced deep-learning algorithms to recognize suspicious actions.

Automatic automobile collision detection system

An automobile collision can cause different catastrophes. A smart system that is able to recognize a collision and determine the type and level of it would be quite valuable. With the help of deep learning algorithms, Sensifai can be used to recognize the collision and different types of it.

Smart multimedia asset management system

Nowadays, the videos can be searched with their title, and brief description. Some people are also usually tagged. To achieve this capability, everybody needs to put effort into preparing metadata for each video. Educational videos and documentaries are rich in valuable content. With the aid of speech recognition methodology and ML techniques, Sensifai is capable to develop an automatic content extractor and fast content search tools.

Visual impairment assistive tool

Severe visual impairment can cause considerable difficulties for a person. It can complicate daily tasks and lifestyle in general. When it comes to blindness, a person has problems even with moving and performing daily task without any aid. Now imagine that a tool at least describes the nearby environment for people with such eyesight difficulties. Sensifai is able to develop such a tool precisely on different platforms using computer vision and machine learning approaches.

Not-safe-for-work video recognition

Distinguishing between photos that contain a scene of nudity or explicitness is very useful for applications that have to receive online photos without human constant supervision. According to the declared law for most of the web sites, publishing photos that contain nudity and explicitness is forbidden. NSFW detection system developed by Sensifai, can be employed for such applications to reduce checking time and cost, and increase the accuracy of the differentiation as well.

Robotic detection system

A robust object and scenes detection are essential skills for a mobile robot or manipulator. A reliable tool that detects an identical object in different light conditions such as morning, noon, evening, and night or different weather conditions such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy can intensely assist robotic applications. Sensifai can provide a robust and accurate solution for object and scene detection with the power of deep learning.

Human-robot interaction with spoken language

Understanding human instructions is a challenging task for a robot. If a robot is capable to interact with a human being and perceive the surrounding situation via spoken language, it is a paramount skill for it. For rescue robots that explore a hazardous environment to find victims, this capability makes them interact with a victim in a natural way. Sensifai is able to power the robots up to achieve this capability with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).