Speech Recognition

Not long ago, machines and devices which would comprehend human voice and interact with the verbal world were only in the realms of fantasy. Speech recognition technology based on deep learning has paved the way to reach this dream. The state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology of Sensifai empowers the device/machines and increases business performance by removing human errors and improving speed. This technology yields astonishing advancement in every domain from customer service to education to media management.

Our Speech Recognition can generate text from human voice with a speed of 100× faster than real-time. Sensifai ASR system is based on both linguistic and acoustic knowledge, therefore, it eliminates the current errors in transcription. It understands what someone is saying word by word involves a whole of context about language and intention. It is capable of hearing and transcribing speech as you said, e.g. It doesn’t wait until you finish your sentence to think you said were or where it figures it out on the fly. It's noteworthy to mention that Sensifai Speech Recognition technology is able to extract the human voice from ambient noise and background music in video streams or audio files.

Sensifai audio data processing power allows sophisticated machines like robots to comprehend and respond to human verbal instructions on the basis of its neural networks. The new generation of talking and walking robots is around the corner to assist human beings and resolve every conceivable challenge in a variety of sectors from military to medical science. By mounting Sensifai all-in-one device Video AI on robotic systems, we will come up with humanoid robots that have comprehensive audio and visual perception of their environment.