Nudity Recognition

We are constantly bombarded by unwanted and undesirable images and scenes via digital media. Lack of control over the internet content has lead to a demand for a strong monitoring system that limits pornography and abusive content. Sensifai classifies and removes content with gore, substance abuse and swear words by its not-safe-for-work (NSFW) image recognition, video AI, and speech recognition system. .Sensifai video AI is a robust app that detects nudity and abusive content in video streams by rendering them searchable 100x faster than the real time. Sensifai NSFW recognition system yields a world-class service that can recognize a wide variety of NSFW concepts, such as sexual visual, nudity, violence , and substance abuse and keeps your contents safe by inspecting them and alarming in the case of inappropriate pieces whether visuals or sounds. Sensifai nudity recognition feature identifies the nude scenes by flagging the unwanted items. Furthermore, different scenes are automatically classified as safe, unsafe and possible, therefore, allowing you to exert desirable control, particularly where the young children and vulnerable individuals are concerned. Sensifai deep learning algorithms have a strong sense of compartmentalization, therefore eliminate the obscene nudity acts or inclusion of other benign acts of kissing and hugging. Since the manual monitoring of all videos and images takes considerable time and involves a great deal of cost, hence, Sensifai NSFW recognition addresses every conceivable point as a service provider and substantially contribute to the social safety environment.

WORLD-CLASS Performance

Benchmarking on different standard databases shows that Sensifai NSFW recognition system has the highest recognition accuracy compared to other existing solutions in the market and performs much faster than them.

We have collaborated with a variety of media companies during the development of the tool to satisfy their business needs. Our tool’s unique value proposition is the ability to interpret sounds, speech, and visual content simultaneously and interactively for monitoring their image, speech and video content.Keep your website and broadcasting content safe with the Sensifai NSFW recognition system.