Logo Recognition By Sensifai Video AI

Brand logos are very important in modern marketing and advertisement era. Marketing and Ad Tech companies place brand advertisement everywhere from the billboards in the corners of the streets and sports stadiums to social media and TV channels.
Automatic Logo recognition in images and videos is highly demanded in a wide range of usecases:

1- Sensifai logo recognition tool helps companies and brands to analyze the duration and number of the appearance of their Ads in social media and broadcasted content and fine-tune their marketting strategies and decisions. This is crucial in today's era of distrust between the brands and marketing agencies. Imagine a soccer match and your advertisements as a billboard around the field in the stadium. You indeed care about how long your advertisement appeared on different channels which broadcasted the match. Sensifai logo recognition API can help you!

2- Brands can use Sensifai video AI and logo recognition tool in video and image to monitor social media and video sharing websites to avoid copyright infringement and protect their brand.
Sensifai video fingerprinting technology together with its logo recognition technology protects your multimedia content ownership.

3- A combination of Sensifai video AI, image recognition, NLP and logo recognition can help the brand to recognize the context of the video in video-sharing websites or social media or any other website where their advertisement was placed. Obviously, brands are very keen their advertisement appear on a relevant website/content and in a pleasant context.
Imagine that CocaCola advertisement appears in a creepy video of trafficking in youtube. This is indeed something that CocaCola tries to avoid.
Instead, they prefer the ADs to appear in cooking videos. Sensifai brings the required video AI and image recognition tools to recognize the context of videos and websites where your brand logo appears.

4- Logo recognition of vehicles can also be used in intelligent traffic-control systems specifically when it is combined with OCR of license plates.

Sensifai offers a highly scalable video AI system as a smartphone App or API to analyze, recognize and tag image, speech, and video and make them searchable. Users and developers can add video, speech and image recognition system to their products and Apps without any need to the machine learning expertise. Sensifai’s video analysis app and API introduces a well-organized indexing strategy to manage your multimedia content in a speed of 1X to 100 X faster than real-time and recognizes action and activitie, celebrity, brand logo, scene, speech, music genre, object and not-safe-for-work content in any given video or image.