Landmark Recognition By Sensifai Video AI

What is the name of this church?

Who created this tower?

What is the history behind this monument?

Sensifai video AI and it's Landmark Recognition system can help!

This technology can predict the landmark name for any gives images.

Automatic Landmark Recognition in videos and images is an important building block in video and image metadata recognition, video AI and multimedia asset management for broadcasting companies, video-sharing websites, and social media.

Landmark Recognition can also help to develop smartphone apps that make video and images searchable and help millions of users to organize their photo and video galleries automatically and find their pictures in different landmarks easily. Imagine you want to find images or videos captured with Eiffel tower in your trip to Paris 8 years ago. This could be very time-consuming specifically if your gallery is large. With Sensifai video AI you can easily analyze all videos/images in real-time, tag them accurately and automatically and index the tags in a search engine. Later whenever you need them you can easily search with keywords such as "me and Julia in Paris" or "Zurich Apero with John".

Sensifai video analysis technology can work as a video recognition app that helps tourists to instantly get information about different landmark and monuments that they are visiting during their journey in their own language. You just need to capture a snap with the app powered with Sensifai video recognition and see the relevant info about the recognized manument.

Sensifai landmark recognition is available as a video and image recognition App/SDK for smartphones (with license-based pricing) and API (with pay-as-you-go pricing) on the cloud and developers can use this technology and incorporate it in their own products without any machine-learning or artificial intelligence expertise. The Landmark Recognition API is available through AWS marketplace:

Sensifai video and image recognition App and API works based on a cutting-edge audio-visual deep-learning technology trained over millions of videos and images to recognize speech and video content and tag them accurately. We constantly re-train our system with more and more videos to improve our video AI and image recognition accuracy and learn more and more new concepts, celebrities, landmarks, logos, and actions.