We launched our live demo

Sensifai launched a live video recognition demo in the Amazon AWS Amsterdam tech summit in collaboration with Amazon Partner Network (APN).
You can easily upload any image or video to Sensifai's demo.
It recognizes celebrities, logos, landmarks, nudity, scenes, objects, attributes, sports and actions.

Sensifai Demo

You can upload the video (up to 5 minutes) using the Green button and see the results for each video-shot. You can click on each video-shot shown under the video to see the result for that specific shot. You can also check the results for celebrities, logos, landmarks, nudity, sports and actions from the drop-down menu bar on the upper-right corner.

Sensifai has launched a public live demo as a part of its marketing campaign in collaboration with Amazon Partner Network. Users can easily check the accuracy of our system by uploading any image or video to our demo page. It also redirects interested users to our product page on Amazon Marketplace. Users who need to customize the models for their own specific use case will be also redirected to our customizable models on Amazon Sagemaker Platform.