Image and Video Enhancement App

There are many images in our albums which are far from ideal due to bad lighting conditions, low resolutions of old cameras, or incorrect automatic setting of the camera.

Sensifai Image and Video Enhancement App automatically improve your low-quality images using an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) method based on deep neural networks! This app offers a fast and end2end approach to increase the lighting in dark pictures, improve contrast and brightness, shoot up the resolution, and adjust tones.

The software which is publicly available as an SDK as well as an Android App works in three modes: automatic enhancement, superresolution, and manual improvement. One can use one of these modes to enhance a specific picture according to a required correction and modification.

In automatic enhancement mode, the software applies a deep-learning model to automatically improve your image quality. For example, it increases the lighting of the images and improves the brightness without any effort from the users. Then it shows both images before and after the enhancement and lets the user compare them and save the enhanced image or remove it.

In superresolution mode, the program helps to increase the resolution of the images automatically using a deep-neural network system.

In manual improvement mode, the software provides a set of tools such that the users apply different filters manually to re-color or adjust the brightness of the picture. This mode is also accessible after an image was treated in superresolution or automatic enhancement modes.

There are different image enhancement Apps ( and Google DeepAngel) that improve the quality of images or edit them automatically through advanced artificial intelligence. These apps require users to send their images to their cloud to process them. This increases the risk of getting hacked, scandalized, or abused and potentially violates the privacy of millions of users. This is all because these apps work based on deep-learning that is computationally heavy and requires strong GPU servers.

SensifAI offers a game-changing technology that solves this problem. We have developed specific deep learning architectures for the smartphone chipsets of most major smartphone manufacturers. With this technology, we can enhance users’ images and videos locally on their smartphones without any connection to the internet. This is an on-device, smart-enhance App that can help millions of people enhance their video/image archives while guaranteeing control over their personal data.

Many thanks to the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative of the European Commission and NGI Trust consortium partners for their support and help during the development of Sensifai image and video enhancement app.